I found company's contact information online. Can I send them a cold message, if what I'm selling is actually relevant to them?

You can, if you their contact information is publicly avalable, and there are no statements that they don't want to be contacted.

If the recepient's information was conspisiosly published (i.e. everybody can see it), you can send them cold messages as long as you meet 2 conditions:

1. There should be no statements that they don't want to be contacted


Consp publication yes


Consp publication no

2. Your message should be related to their work


"Dear Elon Musk!
I invented a flux capacitor that will work great with your Tesla, I’ll be pleased to sell it to you."


"Dear Elon Musk!
I’m your biggest fan, would you be interested in buying some pictures of me holding a fish I just caught?"


"If people conspicuously publish their address or give it to you, then you have implied consent to send them messages related to their work. These are valuable forms of implied consent for business-to-business marketing since they allow cold calling, but only if the address was acquired legitimately and the message is relevant to the recipient."

Source: Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation -
To find this exact quote: go here and search for "What is implied consent?"

Casl infograph public contact highlighted

Source: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission -
To find this exact image: go here and search for "Express Consent Versus Implied Consent"

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A customer called me a week ago and asked a question about my product. Today I sent them a follow-up message and asked if they were still interested. Did I violate CASL?
SHORT ANSWER: You did not, if you recorded their call