Surprised man

Got an SMS from

+1 647 557 5355

+1 647 930 4445

+1 289 799 3080


Don't panic!

Everything is under control.

This is us.


If you're just curious...

... AVETTY is an online tool for text messaging for small businesses

What is it for?

You can use SMS for customer service, you can run automated surveys, you can send out notifications, reminders, promotions

Why would you?

Text messages reach people better and are replied to more often. They are not as intrusive as phone calls and they don't get ignored like emails

What is it like?

It is like a highway that has one or two cars on it - you don't have to turn the sirens on to get through and you never get stuck in trafic

If we disturbed you...

... we are truly sorry!

Did you mean it?

We absolutely didn't!
What can we do to make it up?

How did this happen?

Most likely by mistake.
Mistakes happen...

What do I do?

Let us know, and we'll make sure this never happens again.