We will rent you a completely separate phone number, dedicated to text messaging. Phone numbers costs $3.99/month or less, you can select any one you like and as many as you like. We don't add text messaging to existing phone numbers for a reason: we don't want you to feel tied to us. If you decide to cancel, we'll simply refund you any unused time, and if we keep receiving SMS from your customers, we'll send you a report, so no data will ever be lost for you.

A standard SMS can fit up to 160 characters. Longer messages are split into chunks of 153 characters, and then concatenated back by the carrier, so that to the sender and reciever it feels like they are sending and receiving an entire message regardless of length. Each chunk is charged separately.

It is not recommended to send more than 200 messages/day from the same number, as the number can be blacklisted by the carrier.

Don't worry, nothing is lost. Add the phone number back to the contacts, and all the contact's details as well as messaging history will be restored.

Unfortunately, no. You'll need to buy a separate US phone number to be able to send messages to the US.

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