SMS for customer service

A communication channel people love

Customer service

Why would you want to text with your customers?


Less time spent on customer service

It only takes a few seconds to write a text message, while average email takes at least 5 minutes. You are not bound by email etiquette, so you can safely skip all the "please do not hesitate to contact us"s

Less stress dealing with unhappy customers

Let's face it, people don't call customer service when things go right, they call customer service when things go wrong. Not being yelled at every 10 minutes keeps you calm and focused, and helps you concentrate on fixing the actual problem.

Stressed office worker
Too much staff

Less customer support staff

When your company is small, hiring every employee is a big deal. Customer service through SMS allows you to multitask, as nobody is hanging on the other end of the phone getting angrier and angrier. The workload of two full-time customer service reps can now easily be handled by one.

Your conversations are written on stone

You will never run into the "you never said that" situation ever again. With SMS chat both you and your customer get to keep a written record of any conversation you had, making it easy to search and reference.


But more importantly...

Why would your customers want to text with you?

Long wait

No more calls placed on hold

4 out of 5 people claim they would rather text a business, than call, as only 14% calls are answered without being placed on hold, and nobody likes waiting or talking to a robot. Text messaging gives you the freedom of replying whenever you have the answer ready without keeping your customers waiting.

No need for internet or silence

Everybody owns a cellphone, but not every phone is a smartphone. Text messages can be sent and recieved anytime anywhere. Even when it's too noisy to make a phone call. Even when there is no internet coverage to send an email


No more bad timing

Most people feel uncomfortable answering phone calls or reading personal emails at work. Phone call at an inconvenient time induces more anger than interest. A short text message is less intrusive and delivers surprisingly more relevant information than an email ever would