Flexible and scalable
No upfront commitment. The only recurrent payment is a phone number rental.Text messages are entirely on the the "pay as you go" basis. Once you add credit, it never expires, you are only charged for what you use.

Simple and intuitive
Text messaging is simple, so we keep it simple. If you ever used Skype or Slack (or, frankly, any other messaging system), you already know how to use Avetty. One less thing to worry about!

Try it before you buy it
We don't expect you to share your email or (God forbid!) your credit card number until you are 100% certain you trust us and Avetty is what you need. Our demo doesn't require sign up to explore all the features and get a sense of what Avetty is. Take a look!


    You have a great message? Make sure it's seen!

    Email open rate:
    SMS open rate:

    90% of text messages are open and read within 3 minutes. Why?

    It doesn't take long to read a text message

    We live in a 'scan' world. People skim anything before they decide if it's worth reading. It genarally takes around 10 seconds for a person to decide whether or not they are willing to keep reading. 10 seconds is the window you get to impress your prospect. 10 seconds or less is how long it takes to read a text message.

    Text messages are short and to the point

    We overload our emails with meaningless content way too often. With almost no limitations on the email size, it's very easy to get carried away with templating and start copying and pasting content completely irrelevant to a particular person. Not to mention the use of meaningless "academic" phrases ("as per your request", "don't hestitate to contact me", etc.). Before people even read any piece of writing, they quickly evaluate if it has information relevant to them. When writing a text message, you are naturally limited to 160 symbols. This means no unnecessary information will be included in your text. Useful information naturally catches eye, and your message gets exposed to the prospects with most potential.

    No need for internet

    Text messages can be recieved anytime and anywhere. 97% people in Northern America own a mobile device of some sort, but not every phone is a smartphone. With text messaging you don't rely on internet availability, which makes them irreplaceable when phone call is difficult (for example, background noise or simply bad timing) and emailing in impossible (no internet coverage).

    Text messages are read when it's convenient

    With text messages you avoid timing inconvenience. Most people feel uncomfortable answering phone calls or reading personal emails while at work. Phone call at an inconvenient time will induce more anger than it will interest. Emails take time to read, and because of that are either ignored right away or put on the "to do later" list and eventually forgotten.

    Get your prospects interested!

    40% of text messages are replied within 4 minutes

    Email reply rate:
    SMS reply rate:

    It takes seconds to reply to a text message

    Email etiquette assumes a certain level of use of social niceties, introductory phrases, reminders of the purpose of writing, etc, etc. These phrases sound mechanical and are ignored much more often that we with they were. People on mobile devices use less words and more abbreviations, delivering the core reason of their writing in just a few words. It's much easier to simply text 'yes' than to compose an even short email.

    Text messages feel personal

    People feel when it's personal, and are very likely to accept an offer that feels tailored specifically for them The less effort you put into composing and delivering your message, the less valuable it is perceived by your customer. Emails make it easy to send identical messages in bulks, so we often send completely irrelevant messages "just in case". The more irrelevant information is received from you, the less likely it is to catch someone's eye. While there is nothing wrong with templating, every SMS is created individually, and costs more than an email. When your prospects sees effort you've put into the conversation you're initiating with them, they will naturally sympatize and trust you.

    Text messages are not intrusive

    Text messaging must have a clear way for receivers to opt-out, for example, a keyword "STOP". In comparisson with multi-step unsubscribe process for emails and phychological discomfort of saying "Please don't call me anymore" for phone calls, text messaging allows your customers to feel in control when they choose to whether or not to communicate with you. Empowered customers are happy customer. And happy customers are paying customers.

    Save your time. Save your customers' time.

    It only takes 90 seconds to write a text message

    To write email:
    90 minutes
    To write SMS:

    Text messages are faster to write

    It only takes a few seconds to write a text message, while average email takes 90 minutes, which makes them irreplaceable when dealing with unhappy customers Lets face it, people don't call customer service when things go right, and when you're trying to resolve a problem, you have to make sure your questions are clear and to the point, and your instructions are as short and straightforward as possible.

    No more calls placed on hold

    4 out of 5 people claim they wish they could have a text conversation with a business. Why? Simply because 86% of customer service calls are placed on hold. "Your call is important to us, please stay on the line" truly deserves it's #1 most annoying phrase status. Nobody likes waiting, nobody likes talking to a robot. Text messaging gives you freedom of replying whenever you have the answer ready without having to keep your customers waiting

    Keep track of your conversations

    No matter how productive a phone call with your customer was, it is lost once you hang up. Sure, you may have all your phones recorded, but a) you are the only one who has these recordings, they are not available to your customer; b) they are almost impossible to search for a specific piece of information; c) they take a lot of time to listen. With text messaging both you and your client have a written record of any conversation you had, making it easy to search and reference. Not to mention, the caller won't have to explain the problem to every new specialist they are connected to over and over again.

    Text messaging is simple. So we keep it simple!