Text messaging for small business

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When you need a reply, you text

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We help with CASL

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation is the strictest anti-spam law in the world. It is also ambiguous. And scary.
As a small business, you may not always have access to a lawyer to help you figure it out. We may be the next best thing.

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SMS is a way to stand out

Big companies have been using SMS for years.
Small ones - not so much. Yet.
You don't compete with big businesses, do you?
SMS is like a new highway with one or two cars on it.

Piggy bank

Every dollar counts

When you are growing your business, you can't be too careful with money.
At the end of every month we'll automatically adjust your plan to make sure you are paying the lowest rate possible.
Spoiler alert: average business uses 600 messages per month, and it costs them under $30.


Who understands the needs of a small business better than... another small business?

Avetty itself is fairly young and small, we know exactly what you are going through every day.
If we can make your life even a little better, we will!

New business

Discounts for startups

If your business is younger than 3 years, enjoy our startup discounts

SMS support

Customer service

Be there for your customers anytime anywhere

Offer a communication channel people love

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SMS surveys


Get real-time customer feedback about your brand

Gather most up to date information about your customers' experience

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SMS marketing


Enjoy more results with 40 sms than with 400 emails

Get 9 times more views and 5 times more replies

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Flexible and scalable
No upfront commitment. The only recurrent payment is a phone number rental. Text messaging is entirely on the the "pay as you go" basis. Once you add credit, it never expires, you are only charged for what you use.

Simple and intuitive
Text messaging is simple, so we keep it simple. If you ever used Skype or Slack (or, frankly, any other messaging system), you already know how to use Avetty. One less thing to worry about!

Try it before you buy it
We don't expect you to share your email or (God forbid!) your credit card number with us until you are 100% certain Avetty is what you need. Our demo doesn't require sign up to explore most features and get a sense of what Avetty is. Take a look!

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